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Oral surgery instruments have changed a lot over the ages of dentistry. These tools have gone from multifunctional pieces that also serve as a means to start the dinner fire to the sophisticated pieces of equipment that are specialized specifically for dentistry.

These tools have been developed as part of the ever changing realm of dentistry and as the dentists continue to work and study for better methods of caring for peopleís teeth. Different dentists have contributed to the ever changing dental care techniques and progress. These new oral practices have given patients a more comfortable teeth and a better quality of life.

Oral surgery instruments are necessary when a patientís teeth become so bad that they cause the patient pain and become ineffective for eating. In most cases, the instruments are used to extract, or remove teeth, but in some cases, the instruments were used to remove pressure from the gums or to assist with the treatment of an infection. These different instruments each have specific designs and these designs have improved as the techniques used to perform oral care have improved. This improvement did not always mean that the teeth could be saved, but it did mean that the process of dental surgery was less risky and less painful.

The first oral surgery instruments were made of wood and had the duel purpose of starting fires. This tool was a drill that was used to drill holes in the infected tooth and attempt to remove the worms were thought to live within the teeth. This tool was used by primitive man and the idea of the worms made sense due to the marks that cavities leave in the tooth being so similar to the marks that worms leave on the wood of trees. This imagery also inspired many early artists to create images of the pain and suffering that these worms cause the person. The worms were severely detrimental to a personís health since the pain and lack of teeth made it difficult for most people to eat or use their teeth properly.
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